5 field farm
5 field farm
5 field farm

Several years ago, we decided to get back into farming and turn our passionate hobby into a sustainable future for our family.

We wanted to bring back our roots and ensure that the farming practice didn’t get lost in the generations.

We wanted to combine our business interests with our passion for farming. Kyle is a 6th generation farmer on the Saanich Peninsula. There is nothing like seeing your efforts grow before your eyes. Seeing acres of grain grow to perfection is what drives us.

When it comes to the grains we’re growing, the beer starts here. Beer has been around for thousands of years for a reason. It’s good, it’s simple, and it makes us happy. It brings people together, and cultures together. The grains used to make beer and other distilled beverages are also a dependable crop and they used to be grown on Vancouver Island but fell out of favour.

We decided to go back to our roots and bring back a home for local, premium grains on the island, with the goal of providing the best malt in the Pacific Northwest.

We also love the lifestyle of this business and the variety that comes with it.

In farming, there is so much to do. There are not many job in the world that require you manage multidisciplinary tasks, including the weather, mechanical breakdowns, crop failure, agronomy, soils, marketing and sales. There is always room for improvement, its a creative endeavour.



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